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    Our History
    D.T.Y Industrial Co., LTD. (Factory 1 Beauty & Salon Equipment)
    D.T.Y Industrial Co., LTD. (Factory 2 Salon Furniture)
    D.T.Y Industrial Co., LTD. (Factory 3 Spa Capsules)
    1993 Exploring to Mainland China’s beauty & hair equipment market
    1995 Takeover Taiwan Guangqing company, and founded D.T.Y Industrial Co., LTD. (Factory 1)
    1997 Established production factory in Mainland China with total 25000 square meters’ workshop area.
    1997.7 Established D.T.Y beauty& hair equipment production factory.
    1998 Established electronic division.
    1998 Established beauty & hair chairs division.
    2000.7 Established mold division.
    2002.4 Established D.T.Y Industrial Co., LTD. (Factory 2)
    2003 Established cosmetic division.
    1997-2000 Established fully owned entities in Taiwan、 Singapore、Malaysia and Thailand.
    1998-2000 Established 16 branches in China、Beijing、Guangzhou、Chengdu、Wuhan、Chongqing……etc.
    2005.5 Established D.T.Y Industrial Co., LTD. (Factory 3)
    Our Factory
    DONG TIAN YANG INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. (D.T.Y.) is situated in Foshan City, Guangdong Province, with one of the largest factory complexes in this area, approximately 25,000 square meters. Registered with an investment capital of USD 2,500,000, we are now recognized as the industry leader for beauty, skin care and hair studio equipment in Asia.
    We have entered the Chinese market for skincare and hair studio equipm ent early in 1993. In 1995,the first branch of Dong Tian Yang Industrial Co., Ltd was established,basing on the legacy of Guangqing (Taiwan) Company . In July 1997, a second factory for manufacturing of skin care and hair care devices was inaugurated in Mainland China. Our products have been exported to Europe, United States, Canada, Southeast Asia, amongst others.
    Product Application
    Our Certificate
    ISO 9001:2016 / CE / RoHS / IEC, etc.
    Production Market
    Europe, United States, Canada, Southeast Asia, etc.Salon Stools factory