Do you want to be guided in how to heal your childhood trauma in a group setting on a "Pay What You Feel" basis?

If you currently or have ever suffered from any of the following, then there is a good probability that it is a symptom of unresolved childhood trauma:
- addictions of any kind
- Anxiety, depression, and other mood disorders
- OCD, social anxiety or paranoia
- difficulties with relationships

Hi, my name's Jane and I've spent over 30 years trawling the "self-help" industry looking for answers to the difficulties I faced in my life and the abuse I suffered as a child. In the past 18 months I stepped this up a gear and really started digging into the physiology, neurology and psychology of what happens to your body, brain and spirit when your development is distorted by ongoing or unresolved trauma.

This trauma doesn't have to be as dramatic as childhood abuse - it could be that one of your caregivers couldn't nurture you adequately, or it could be that you were bullied at school or perhaps even experienced a stay in hospital or other separation. What is common to all cases is that children find these events traumatising, and if that trauma isn't dealt with appropriately at the time, it remains dormant in the nervous system waiting to be triggered resulting in symptoms that don't clear up on their own.

Until fairly recently, it was thought that these "symptoms" were actual conditions themselves, and that the only treatments were pharmaceuticals or 25 years of expensive therapy. However, pioneers in the trauma field, such as Bessel Van Der Kolk and Peter Levine are proving that:

  1. Most people have some kind of unresolved trauma that is negatively affecting their lives and reducing their capacity to live a joyful, abundant life
  2. Therapy and drugs are not particularly effective and, in fact, many of the things that genuinely do provide significant relief and healing are things that you don't need a prescription or a therapist for!

Having learnt all of this on my own behalf, I now feel called to offer what I know to others because this information isn't common knowledge or in the mainstream properly yet.  There is so much that we can do for ourselves, and yet most people are not being taught how to heal and support themselves.


I also feel that there is huge power to working in a group.  By sharing similar experiences and symptoms, we come to learn that we are not alone and that there is support and help out there.


How the Groups Will Work

Part of recovering from trauma relies on learning what it is and coming to understand ourselves and our symptoms as aspects of an unusually stressful event or environment, and not inherently part of us.  Just over a year ago I finally realised that a lot of what goes wrong in my life is not because I'm inherently flawed, unloveable, inadequate or just plain bad, but is merely a symptom of the incredibly stressful environment I developed in.  Just this piece alone can totally transform your life and your relationship to yourself.


So part of the work we'll do together is what is known as "psychoeducation" i.e. learning the ins and outs of what's going on with us physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  I will keep the scientific stuff to a minimum, but it's helpful to know some basics about how your brain, nervous system and endocrine system work and how that results in feelings, emotions and behaviours.


With the above in mind, we'll explore how we can support our own wellbeing, in particular our nervous systems.  Many of the things that promote healing and general wellness are things we can do for ourselves without specialist expertise.


And finally, in the education piece, we will explore the types of therapies available that are what is known as "evidence based" and shown to be highly effective.  Many of the therapies I've tried do not require expensive one on one therapy with a practitioner, but are things you can make at least some headway with on your own.


There will also be some practical things to do and some groupwork, and possibly some "buddying up" for accountability and support.  This is about empowering you with a toolbox of tools and techniques to try yourself and find those which work for you.


Who is this for?

This is for you if:

  • you want to empower yourself to heal, and you want to do it much more quickly and effectively than the options available to you through the conventional medical system
  • you're fed up with reading self-help books and not seeing any results because you lack the support and accountability of a group to hold space for you or the modality itself is not that effective
  • you are curious to understand yourself, your body, emotions and behaviours and learn how to accept and welcome them all

Who am I and Why Should You Listen to Me?

Well, firstly, don't believe ANYTHING I say - please go check it our for yourself 😉

But, you might feel I'm worth listening to as I've been struggling with mental and physical health issues since I was 3 years old, and have been studying the likes of psychology, meditation, manifestation, physiology, neurology etc for a very long time - so that you don't have to!

I am by no means any paragon of virtue, I still have challenges, but people who know me know how incredibly far I've come in the few short years I've been in Brighton, and in particular, how much everything about me has lightened up since I really started finding proper answers in the last 18 months - some from hard-nosed science and some more energy based and woo woo.  I don't claim to be any kind of guru, but how I feel I can help anyone who resonates with my message is that I can act as your guide or sherpa. I'm a few steps ahead of you, chopping down the jungle and clearing the path as we journey together towards wholeness and healing.


What now?

I'm hoping to set up at least one group in May 2019.  Groups will be run on a webconference service called Zoom, and will probably be for 2 hours one evening per week.

As this is my first time running a group, I'm not going to ask you to pay the true value of the education and support possible from this.  It will be on a Pay What You Feel basis, and there will be a suggested amount which is pretty modest.  Not all the details are ironed out yet, as I would like to talk to people who feel this is right for them and see what feels best.


If you're interested in this (either now or in the future) please fill in the form below so that I can contact you with more details.