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    Product Name: Fried Yellow Onion Crisp
    Product ingredients and ingredients: fine yellow onion, starch, palm oil
    Product features: rich green onion, attractive color
    Product use: use or food as raw and auxiliary materials
    Product taste: mouthful, green onion, crispy mouth
    Storage method: Store in a sealed, dry and ventilated place
    Product specifications: 15kg / bag (customized packaging specifications according to customer requirements)
    It is known as the most crispy grain on the earth. Known as the “Queen of the Cabbage”, and rich in nutrients, rich in potassium, vitamin C, folic acid, zinc, selenium, fiber and other nutrients, can prevent osteoporosis, prevent high cholesterol and stomach cancer, but also break down fat Anti-asthma, treatment of diabetes, good medicine and food, the effect is extraordinary.
    Can fried onion crispy be eaten directly?
    Can be eaten directly. Method:
    1. Several small onions, washed and peeled
    2. Cut into pieces and break into circles
    3. Sprinkle two teaspoons of dry flour on the onion rings so that each onion ring is covered with dry flour.
    4. Medium and small fire, fried to crispy
    5. Will fry the onion ring oil
    6. Put the fried onion rings in the fresh-keeping bag and crush them with olive face.Fried Onion Products