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    1. Application of the stretch blow molding machine for plastic bottles
    JUNSHHENG series stretch blow molding machine for plastic bottles which adopts PLC controlling, direct pressure piston type pneumatic-hydraulic locking mold, high pressure blow. It can be used together with digital infrared heaters, it is especially designed for hot-filling bottles, it can blow tea and beverage bottles which can stand temperatures up to 88°C-95°C to meet the needs of pasteurization for hot filling for the beverage filling production line.
    Products parameters of the stretch blow molding machine for plastic bottles
    Item JS-5L-1 JS-5L-2
    Cavity 98
    Theory output 10000-120008000-9000
    Max.volume 1L2L
    Bottle mouth maximum overall diameter 28-38mm28-38mm
    Bottle biggest diameter 65mm100mm
    Bottle maximum height 330mm330mm
    Light tube quantity 32pcs32pcs
    Light tube power 2KW1.5KW
    Maximum heating power 64KW48KW
    All electric machine installation 67KW51KW
    Actual consumption 45KW35.7KW
    Work pressure 7-9kg/c㎡7-9kg/c㎡
    Low-pressure gas consumption 1600L/min1600L/min
    Blow bottle pressure 25-35kg/c㎡25-35kg/c㎡
    Higher -pressure gas consumption 4800Ltr/min4800Ltr/min
    Work pressure 5-6kg/c㎡5-6kg/c㎡
    Temperature range 10℃10℃
    Consumption 8000kcal/hr12000kcal/hr
    Forzen water flow 88L/min88L/min
    Size of the machine 6.8*1.5*1.9(m)8.45×1.6×1.9
    Weight of the machine 6ton5ton
    2. Features of the stretch blow molding machine for plastic bottles
    JUNSHENG series stretch blow molding machine for plastic bottles with servo motor controls the stretch rod to stretch the preform.The advantage is: pet bottle machine can stretch the preform by phase, firstly, position the preform, make the preform in a vertical position, the second stretch. By this way, pet bottle machine guaranteed the stretch of the preform evenly and consistently.The stretch speed is very fast and accurate.
    It has automobile system with high efficiency. The distant infrared ray heat pipes are used in the machine. It has high pressure protection with the feature of precisely removing mould. The machine has no noise. It is easy to maintain. It’ s the equipment for producing PET bottles.
    Finished bottles of automatic PET bottle blowing machine on the conveyor system
    PET preforms and automatic loading system
    Heating system
    Finished bottles of PET bottles blowing machine
    3. Certificates, patents and partners
    4. Our exhibition and foreign customers
    5. Machine package and deliveryPET Bottle Making Machine for sale

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